EDP Environments has extensive experience in the design, construction and management of computer room facilities. We are a full service contractor with specialization in the following service areas:

  • Design

    Planning for all of the physical aspects of the client's facility, regardless of size.

  • Construction

    Demolition, construction, installation and/or remodeling of a project.

  • Supervision

    Construction Project Managers are provided to schedule and oversee the design implementation, installation and budget of a project.

  • Equipment Sales & Installation

    Equipment essential to properly maintain the electrical, mechanical and redundancy of the working environment.

  • Telephone/Communication Cabling

    Design and installation of telephone and communication cabling.

  • Equipment Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance programs to minimize unscheduled outages and downtime.

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    Design, installation and maintenance of pre-action sprinklers, Inergen or FM2000 systems.

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