Design is the planning of the physical aspects required for a facility to operate properly for our client. Every facility is unique in design and should have the special needs of each department integrated into the facility design. EDP consults with our clients to develop a plan which optimizes the use of available space---this covers office space, warehouse, computer facility or data entry area. All of our projects receive the detailed care necessary to meet the varied and ever-changing local ordinances, as well as client requirements.

Line drawings are provided for client approval and City Permits are obtained on all projects. EDP Design Consultation Services assure that the client ends up with the computer facility they have envisioned. Whether it's new construction or remodeling of an existing facility, EDP believes that the design must meet the needs of the client and not simply match an industry standard.

Interviews are held to develop the requirements for the facility, draft drawings are provided for review, and finish drawings are created for final presentation. This design phase includes a project budget and schedule for management.

Our services will vary depending on the client and the project. EDP's design services may include the following:

  • Complete evaluation of the your existing facility, computer equipment and environmental equipment to establish base requirements for the new facility.
  • Interviewing MIS management about the future growth potential for the company to develop a working feel for the future needs of the new facility. This information will allow us to properly size electrical feeders, install future air conditioning piping and allow for easy expansion or reduction in the physical size of the facility.
  • Define the needs and requirements of operations personnel in order optimize operations staff and work locations.
  • Evaluate potential locations for computer facilities within a new building. Our review will cover the electrical, mechanical and construction requirements and how well they meet MIS requirements, local building codes and the overall development of the project.
  • Provide a weekly written reports which contain up-to-date project information (i.e.: equipment delivery info, installation dates, etc.).

A dedicated project manager will be assigned as soon as the equipment installation begins. This manager will receive equipment, schedule installations, and ensure proper installation procedures are followed in order to eliminate any installation warranty issues from the equipment manufacturers.

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